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From formulation to manufacturing and packaging, at innov8 LABS we understand that innovation plays a key role when bringing product ideas to life. We are specialised cosmetic contract manufacturers, offering flexible solutions to develop and manufacture high-quality, bespoke products from small to high volume batches of liquid, gel, creams, serums, and medically graded products.

Scalable Manufacturing Capabilities

We are fully equipped to facilitate large-scale production across a broad range of industries including health, wellness, beauty, skincare, and medical devices. Our expertise in sourcing, coupled with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, GMP facility and highly skilled personnel, provides us with a critical competitive advantage, enabling us to deliver top-notch products ensuring optimal efficiency and reducing production downtime.

Highest Quality Standards

We are cosmetic contract manufacturers committed to high standards of quality assurance, conducting rigorous testing and inspection procedures throughout the formulation process to guarantee that your products meet the most stringent quality standards. Our facility and laboratory are GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) compliant.

Full Scale Production

400kg – 4000kg

with annual capacity of 30m units per year

Our manufacturing and filling capabilities combined with high volume capacity enables us to facilitate large scale production in areas of health, beauty and cosmeceutical products.

Filling and Packing

  • Precision Filling, labelling, coding and packing
  • Filling and Packaging of Final Product 2ml – 1000ml into Sachets, Tubes, Vials, Jars, Bottles, Pouches
  • Glass Crimping
  • Overwrapping of square / rectangular shaped cartons
  • Flow / Sleeve wrapping

Testing & Monitoring

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Active Ingredient Testing (fluoride)
  • Cleaning Validations Stability Testing
  • Microbiological Testing – Total Bacterial Count/ Total Yeast and Mould Count
  • Pathogen Testing
  • Incoming Inspection – Raw Material & Packaging
  • Incoming Inspection – Raw Material & Packaging
  • In Process Bulk Product Analysis
  • Finished Product Analysis
  • Conductivity Testing
  • Viscosity Testing
  • Density Testing
  • pH Testing

Test Equipment

  • pH meters
  • Viscometers
  • Refractometer
  • Titrator
  • Thermo-analyser
  • Microscope
  • Centrifuge
  • Incubators – 4°C, 22°C and 40°C
  • Laboratory Pilot Vessel (up to 5kg)
  • Small Industrial Pilot Vessel (up to 50kg)
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